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The beginners guide to AI in the workplace with Office 365

One of the biggest struggles employees are facing in today’s world of a digital and modern workplace is – fear. Fear of changing the way we are accustomed to working, the way our brains think, the way we complete repetitive tasks, and the fear of allowing a machine, an intelligent machine, to take over jobs.

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Adoption and SharePoint migrations – it’s a thing!

The majority of organizations are starting to dip their feet in Office 365 and SharePoint Online, and have realized it’s time to get serious about the dreaded migrations. A good friend of mine, Joanne Klein has posted an incredibly easy-to understand infographic for those of you prepping for migrations from Shared Drives and/or SharePoint on-premises.

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Training a team on Microsoft Teams – for reals.

I would like to start by saying, this post will include the word teams multiple times, with varying contexts. If this is confusing to you – you are not alone! I have trained an abundance of users in Microsoft Teams over the past year, within large national corporations and small businesses. The biggest hurdle for

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