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Find File Versions in MS Teams

Yes, you can view version history of files in MS Teams! Over the past few months, I have been actively volunteering my time at virtual community events sharing knowledge and best practices for end users and IT Pros in #MicrosoftTeams. The most popular session thus far is – “Empower your Organization with MS Teams and

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Teams Detox for the Holidays

As I reflect back on the year, the prominence of Teams in my life has become quite apparent. I am likely not the only one who wakes up to Teams before Outlook, and I am likely not the only one who spends 75% of my day in Teams. Given the holidays have arrived, I would

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Training a team on Microsoft Teams – for reals.

I would like to start by saying, this post will include the word teams multiple times, with varying contexts. If this is confusing to you – you are not alone! I have trained an abundance of users in Microsoft Teams over the past year, within large national corporations and small businesses. The biggest hurdle for

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